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The purpose of this blog is for some understanding that as I began my transition for all purposes, I had to reconcile some emotions that had been following me since my years in Vietnam. This small group of poetry began with "A Soldier's Time", an emotional catharsis starting in 1968 after I returned to the United States.

These poems emerged at the same time of Sarah's appearance.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


One simple embracing act

Costs the giver practically nothing

What he/she gets in return

Cannot be measured

Till it’s done

One simple act

Open feelings given

Without attachments

To hold on to someone

Releases the hearts

Most single important

Reason for being touched

Without expectation

Of return

One act so simple

Yet gives each

Who participates

More in returns

Than initial


SJ Riggle

December 16, 2001

Even though this was written almost 9 1/2 years ago, (seems like a lifetime) its message for simple hugs still needs to be spread. There are friends dealing with the pains of abandonment by family and friends who are just hurting. A good embracing hug can do wonders for a person's heart.

So I encourage to give away good hugs to those who you see that might need one. A hug is all one needs to receive sometimes.

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